In the Pool

Your understanding of the theory and knowledge is only part of your journey. The skills and techniques needed throughout your underwater activities are learned in a pool through a careful step-by-step approach where one session builds upon previously learned skills.

Regardless of how you chose to complete the academics there are practical exercises and how the information will be applied that need to be done under the supervision of an instructor. Hands on training in workshops and in the pool are necessary to become a scuba diver. This is where our approach takes a stark contrast the traditional approach to scuba diving education. We teach you to be a scuba diver, not just teach you how to dive. We teach people to be confident and comfortable in the aquatic environment so that they can be our dive buddies and in turn become explorers and ambassadors for the underwater world.

Our pool experience is designed to help you master the skills necessary to become a scuba diver, helps you better understand your equipment requirements and teaches you the adventures that await you after completion of your Certification.

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