PADI Marine Life Injuries First Aid

This course covers extensive knowledge in the identification and prevention of Marine Life Injuries and identification of those creatures likely to cause injury. While the main focus is on prevention, extensive hands on simulation of the treatment of such injuries is part of the course.

During the Marine Life Injuries course, you will learn to: Identify the four types of hazardous marine life injuries,,Describe the appropriate first aid procedure for managing a bite from a marine animal, Identify marine animals that may be dangerous to divers and snorkelers, The appropriate first aid procedures for managing injuries from a marine animal, Identify common types of seafood poisoning, Name at least three types of fish that can cause seafood poisoning, Describe the appropriate first aid procedures for managing suspected seafood poisoning, Perform a scene safety assessment, List the steps in performing a scene safety assessment, Assess the injured diver, and Describe at least five techniques or guidelines that minimize the risk of injury from marine animals.

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