Open Water Certification

This is it! Your finally get to apply what you learn to the real world environment outside of the pool! You will be taken on dives and asked to demonstrate what you learned in the pool for your instructor in open water.

Whichever Option you choose for the pool and classroom, you need to complete at least 4 open water dives in an environment more realistic to “real” diving than the pool. These dives are done under the supervision of a PADI instructor and you spend the dive demonstrating the skills that you learn in the pool. You can do these dives locally or on a vacation to a tropical destination. Our COURSE PACKAGES include everything that you need for your open water certification dives and even have options for you to credit part of your tuition towards rentals that you can take with you if you choose to get certified elsewhere.

THE TENTH DIVE - At Divers Incorporated we are focused on turning you into a scuba diver, not just teaching you to dive. Our COURSE PACKAGES include extra open water dives under the supervision of an instructor that are less about skills and more about the experience. We even offer two weekends of Rentals so you can go diving on your own after certification included in the packages. We have found that once a diver reaches the pinnacle of the 10th dive, their level of comfort and enjoyment stays with them for a longer time.

AND BEYOND - As we told you in the beginning, the staff of Divers Incorporated want you to be their dive buddy. We offer fantastic packages and discounts on dive equipment for allowing us to train you. We look forward to speaking with you about all the options that we have. The underwater world awaits you.

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