David McCagg

Diving since:


Current Level of Certification:

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Other Certifications Held (Diver Level)

Equipment, ICE, Underwater Navigation, Underwater Search and Recovery, DAN O2, National Geographic, Enriched Air and everything to support instructor rating (Medic First Aid, Divemaster, IDC, IE) DSAT Gas Blender, DAN Advanced O2 Provider

Other Certifications Held (instructor Level):

Wreck, Dry suit, Enriched Air

Favorite Dive Ever:

The Osborne in Lake Superior

Favorite Local Dive:

White Star Quarry

Favorite Great Lake Shipwreck:

Lake Erie, Willis, Percival

What they would like you to know about them:

I have been affiliated with Diver's Inc. almost forever. I feel I bring mature stability and a vast amount of diving experience primarily in the Great Lakes. I enjoy teaching people how to Scuba Dive who have never experienced the sport. I feel I have refined the technique of "Zen diving" and like to pass along these skills to new divers.