Academic Options

Your journey begins with some self study in a manner that is best for you. Through reading and videos, regardless of the format, you can learn to understand of our underwater world and how it affects you. You can choose the pace, the delivery method and the time line for where your study takes you. Once your academics are completed you join us for three course sessions of lecture (where we clarify learning) and Pool skills. You have choices in your self study.

Touch Digital Manual/eLearning - Our most popular option. Truly cutting edge education, These professionally developed programs can be customized to be either an online, web-based course or a course that downloads into your android tablet or IPAD. We can get you started immediately as soon as you have access to the internet. You can read the information, watch videos and then you can do the quizzes and exams at your pace. You can get started today.

Traditional Book and Video - Even though the world is incredibly well connected, and the technology is amazing, some people learn better with a course lecture, book reading and through watching the videos. This book option is integrated into our courses though an additional lecture with an instructor at no additional charge. Once the book and course work are completed you join the three normal course sections alongside the elearners.

The Choice is yours. We find our program fits almost anyone and almost any schedule. We want you to ask questions and contact us so we can better explain it to you.

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