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Divers Social

Divers Incorporated sponsors a divers social event every first Monday of each month that is not a major holiday! The fun starts with a meeting and happy hour at Divers Incorporated and then we head for a local establishement for more fun and conversation.


Fun Dives

Divers Incorporated wants you to dive more and have some fun and exciting times on our sponsored fun dives. We have a number of dive events that happen throughout the year and we want you to join us. Check out our calendar to see when our next fun dive is happening!


Regional Shows

Divers Incorporated participates in a number of regional shows throughout the year. At these shows you can learn more about diving in the Great Lakes, shipwreck history, dive gear, fun events and have one of the most outstanding fun times that you can have. These shows typically occur in the winter months when we aren't diving as much and they are the perfect time to get back into the diving spirit! [...]