Our Philosophy

At Divers Incorporated we have the simple mission "To Provide everyone an opportunity to enjoy the underwater world through an innovative and inspirational approach to adventure, exploeration, conservation, education and, most importantly, Recreation.

In our approach to diving and the time you spend learning to dive, traveling with your family or spending time out fun diving, we always understand that your Recreational time is some of the most precious moments that you can spend. We have a broad spectrum of activities for everyone and keep you interested and diving.

In our approach to travel we offer you the opportunity to put away your worries and let us take care of everything. Our "Adventures" are well planned, well researched and consistently executed to make sure you get the best of your time diving. For the explorer who seeks to go where few have gone before, we offer our "expeditions." These trips tend to be the most rewarding as we venture to places that we have never been as a dive center.

We are here for you. Above all else, make sure you enjoy yourself diving. We are open to suggestions on how we can make the experience better. Just let us know what you are seeking.