PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course

The PADI Adventures in Diving program provides you with a structured means to explore special diving interests and gain dive experience. Participating in an Adventure Dive is often the first step novice divers take after their initial certification. However, all divers benefit from the program’s flexibility and the opportunity it provides for discovery and exploration. The program allows you to customize your training path and learn various underwater tasks that broaden your awareness of the environment and your capabilities as a diver. If you have participated in specialty diver courses you may have already started the Adventures in Diving Program and are able to credit your previous experienced towards your Advanced Certification.

The PADI Adventures in Diving program is based on the premise that diving is a means to explore other interests. Once comfortable with basic skills, most divers want to conquer new tasks, see different creatures, journey into diverse environments and experience new adventures. If you look for convenience and flexibility in continuing your diving education, this will be perfect for you. The program’s design allows you to choose the dives that interest you and to sample activities under the guidance of a PADI Instructor. Sometimes you may choose to make only one Adventure Dive. Other times you may want additional recognition and complete several dives to earn a PADI certification.

The variety of dives, flexible scheduling options and certification paths makes this program super easy to participate in. Because each Adventure Dive may count as the first dive of the related PADI Specialty Diver course, the program tends to motivate you continue training in those areas that really interest you. in those areas that really interest you. Sometimes divers choose to earn specialty diver certifications before completing the dives required for an Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver certification. No matter which training path you choose, the Adventures in Diving program gives you an opportunity to gain practical diving experience under supervision of a Divers Incorporated PADI Instructor.

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