PADI Discover Tec

Technical Diving is a committment to becoming one of the best divers you can be. It is also extremely equipment intensive. At Divers Incorporated we understand that the commitment needs to be taken in small steps. The commitment is real, and so is the massive amount of dive gear required to explore beyond the established limits of recreational diving.

This amount of equipment can be a concern. In the PADI Discover Tec program, you are introduced to the equipment that a typical Technical Diver carries on every dive. You are given an opportunity to understand what each item is and to do a dive in double tanks, with stage bottle(s) all in a very controlled environment under the supervision of a technical diving instructor. This opportunity helps you be comfortable with the idea that taking small steps is part of technical diving and will give you a better understanding of the commitment involved.

Diving the equipment and having your questions answered is one of the first steps in technical diving. Opening the door and entering the world of cutting edge exploration is up to you.

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