PADI Tec Wreck

In the Great Lakes area, the reason for technical diving is to see shipwrecks that few people, if any have yet to see. What ever your level of Technical diving, whether you have achieved Tec40 or Tec Trimix, the PADI Tec Wreck program will teach you how to use those skills to their maximum advantage on shipwrecks.

As a Technical Diver, you already posess a high level of skill to be able to dive beyond the recreational limits. How does your training apply to exploring sunken ships and other underwater curiosities? The PADI Tec Wreck course can take you deep within the bowels of history, to explore where few people can imagine, and open the door to history like you have never seen before.

Since Divers Incorporated is in the Great Lakes State, this course is focused on great lakes technical diving. This is the diving that we are best at, and the diving we have come to cherish. If you wish to explore the Great Lakes and its hidden treasures to the fullest extent of your technical abilities, from instructors who regularly dive these environments, this is the course that you have been waiting for.

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