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Two snorkelers out enjoying a quarry in Ohio
Want to get more out of your snorkeling experience on your next travel adventure? The PADI Snorkeling course is an easy way for you to get some time with a certified PADI Instructor or Divemaster and learn the proper techniques of snorkeling. This program is held almost every evening at Divers Incorporated and is a private session where you get the undivided attention of the person running the course. This is a customized course that is scheduled around your needs so there is no formal schedule, you simply choose a time when you sign up for the course.

During the PADI Snorkeling course you will learn more about snorkeling equipment, understand the steps to prepare your equipment for use, Proper entry and exit techniques, Buddy procedures for snorkeling, Kicking and floating and Proper breath control and techniques for snorkeling

The PADI Snorkeing course is an easy way for you to get some time with a certified PADI professional and learn how to get the most out of your snorkeling vacation.

The evening of your class, your instructor will go over the basics in a classroom setting. In the pool session on that same night, you will have an opportunity to learn and practice skills. This is a great way work out the kinks after a period of diving inactivity.

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