Travel with Divers Incorporated

At Divers Incorporated we understand that your recreation is important to you. We build our trips with an understanding that we want to provide something for everyone. We are always working to provide you with fantastic local trips and adventures as well as more exotic and even extreme locations.

At Divers Incorporated we have different options to suit most every travel desire. Our Drive and Dives allow you to set up your own transportation to the dive site and we run everything from there. Our Exotic trips require flights to more tropical or exotic destinations.

We Further set our trips into two categories. "Adventures" are trips to places we have been to before and are pretty sure what we can expect. "Expeditions" are to places that are similar to past trips, but where we are less sure what to expect. These trips tend to be the most exciting and offer people the opportunity to really explore diving at its fullest. All of our Adventures started out as expeditions at one time.

At Divers Incorporated, Our Goal is to Keep You Diving! Local or exotic, Underwater is where we want to be! Check out our Past Trip Reports to see what we have done.