Learn to Scuba Dive.. YOUR WAY!

Diving is a journey. The inspiration to learn how to dive is unique to each person and the journey is different for everyone.

Diving isn’t just underwater sight seeing. It is much more personal than that. It is about gaining the skills YOU need to visit the sights YOU want to see. It’s about having the equipment YOU want so that diving takes YOU on the Journey YOU feel is worthwhile. What do you want out of your diving journey?

Diving can be an incredible, personally enlightening experience. Here at the beginning of your journey it may be difficult to imagine all the possibilities, but from the moment you take a breath underwater your world will be transformed and you will never be the same again.

When you learn how to dive you are giving yourself a gift that can be part of your life forever. It is an opportunity to go places, meet people and do things. It is a whole new area of our planet where you get an opportunity to see what few people have seen and many more cannot even imagine.

Learning to become a scuba diver is the beginning of your Adventure. Your Journey begins with some simple steps, each offering choices along the way. These choices allow you to Learn to Become a Scuba Diver instead of just learning how to scuba dive, and YES there is a difference.

There are three parts to any scuba diving course.
Academics where you learn the theory and understand the "why" behind the experiences you will encounter.
Practical Learning where you learn the skills necessary to become a scuba diver.
Certification Dives where you apply what you learned in a real-world environment.

At Divers Incorporated we have put together programs and packages that will take you from not knowing anything about scuba diving to becoming Certified divers with the skills necessary to dive anywhere in the world. All of our staff scuba dive for recreation. Our staff trains our students to be our dive buddies, an important distinction. Our courses are not going to be inexpensive. We will work with you to become a capable diver but if cost is the most important aspect to you in choosing a dive center, we are probably not going to be a fit. Our packages offer the most value in the local market, but they are not "discount" programs. Our course package includes everything that you need to become a scuba diver. We pride ourselves on letting you know everything that you will need to be successful and give you the tools and opportunities that you need. All of our Learn to Scuba Dive Packages include the four "E's" that are crucial to a good dive program. Education, Experience, Equipment and the Environment! We have different, customizable programs for you to learn to scuba dive.

We know you will have questions. Stop in and see us and let us help you get started. Together we can put together a plan for you to get what you want out of diving.

We look forward to diving with you.